LSO – The Music Men

Rediffusion goes behind the scenes of the London Symphony Orchestra in 1965

Richard Dimbleby – Broadcaster

The voice of the BBC, Richard Dimbleby, in his own words and in the words of his friends and colleagues

This is My 1950s

The social history of the 1950s – what we bought, what we watched, who we loved

‘Fusion’ covers

The amazing art of Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion London's staff magazine

Rediffusion ’64

All about the relaunch of Associated-Rediffusion as Rediffusion, London in April 1964

‘Fusion’ covers

The amazing art of Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion London's staff magazine


A gallery of all things Independent Television News

News title cards

Screencaps and title cards from news programmes around the world

Network USA

Printed advertisements for US television stations from the 1940s, 50s and 60s

Today’s TV magazine cover

TVTimes, Radio Times, Television Weekly, TVWorld... a different cover from a day in history

The Granada archive

A gallery of all things Granada

An ident a day

A gallery of television idents


When there's nothing on television, there's this

Letters from broadcasters

Dear Television... Love, Transdiffusion. And their replies

Independent Local Radio

A gallery of sights and sounds from ILR

The ITV Story

A look back, from 1965, at the events of 1955

This is Channel TV

Take a look around the baby of the ITV network – Channel Television

ATV Sunspots

An innovative new way to sell holidays on ATV in the Midlands

This is ATV Network

Behind the scenes at ATV

The ITV 1963 Yearbook

The full ITV 1963 yearbook, with programmes, transmitters and companies explained

This is ABC Weekend

ABC, your weekend TV in the north and midlands 1956-1968

Who does what in ITV in 1973?

The Independent Broadcasting Authority explains who does what in ITV in this booklet from 1973

ITV in 1959

The Independent Television Authority explains who does what in ITV in 1959


The Independent Television Authority’s in-depth plans for ITV-2 in 1971

ITA Transmitters: 1969

Maps of the VHF coverage of the ITA's transmitters and the proposed UHF service areas

This is Rediffusion

Inside Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion, London, 1955-1968

The ITA Audience in 1972

The facts and figures of who was watching ITV in 1972

The Valiant Man

Rediffusion looks at both the technical and ceremonial as the nation holds Winston Churchill's funeral

This is Thames

In-depth into Thames Television, London's weekday ITV 1968-1992

Rediffusion ’64

All about the relaunch of Associated-Rediffusion as Rediffusion, London in April 1964

ABC’s religious training scheme

Inside ABC Television's 1959 training scheme for religious leaders who want to appear on ITV


The International Television Federation of documentary makers, 1960-1968

Kenny Everett

The nation's favourite radio and telly prankster remembered

Thorn EMI Videodiscs

The future is here: Thorn EMI new Videodisc technology - VHD - explained

Marconi Mobile Television

In city, town or country, Marconi Outside Broadcast equipment is the toast of 1954

10 years of Rediffusion for schools

Rediffusion looks back at its contribution to educational television

ITA Colour

Colour… UHF… 625… Duplication… What the viewer needs to know in 1969

This is the EBU

Your guide to international broadcasting in Europe in 1962

Inside Radio Luxembourg

The studios and transmitters of Radio Luxembourg in detail

Introducing Radio Caroline

The most famous 'pirate' radio station introduces itself in 1964

Music in the night

Behind the scenes at Radio Luxembourg in 1965

The Border discovered

Facts and figures about the unusual Border Television region

Harlech’s first year

Accepting the challenge: Harlech rate themselves after a year on air

Southern Success

Southern Television is about to expand into the south-east and explains to viewers and advertisers who they are and what they do

Teledu yng ngwlad y gȃn

TWW celebrates its contribution to Welsh culture in this bilingual website. Mae TWW yn dathlu ei gyfraniad i ddiwylliant Cymru yn y wefan ddwyieithog hon.

Granada TV, Manchester 3

Granada's TV studios in Manchester, in depth

This is Alpha

The home of ABC and ATV in the midlands in the 1950s and 60s

ATV Centre

The Birmingham Post celebrates the opening of the new ATV Centre in 1970 with a special pull-out supplement

Richard Dimbleby – Broadcaster

The voice of the BBC, Richard Dimbleby, in his own words and in the words of his friends and colleagues

BBC Television Picture Book

Looking at the technology and output of BBCtv from 1930 to 1950

Broadcasting House

The opening of the new home of the BBC, Broadcasting House in London

Hints on receiving BBC radio in 1951

BBC Engineering tells you how to get the best from your radio when you listen to the Home Service, the Light Programme and the Third Programme

25 years of British broadcasting

The BBC celebrates its silver jubilee in 1947

Broadcasting in the West

From 1949, the BBC looks at how it serves its most diverse radio region - the West of England

The BBC Television story

The BBC celebrates twenty years of television in 1956

TWW/Teledu Cymru archives

Transdiffusion for researchers: source material for Television Wales and West and for Wales (West and North) Television

Routine Sheets Database

Our database of daily presentation logs and camera scripts

Rediffusion printed archives

Printed and written archives from Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion London

My 1960s

If you remember it, you weren't there. We beg to differ

History of BBC tv Nations+Regions

Join us to talk about the look and feel of BBCtv presentation across the years

Welsh TV History: TWW, WWN /Teledu Cymru, HARLECH, HTV, BBC Wales (Not S4C)

Did you grow up in and around Wales in the 1960s? This group remembers TWW, Teledu Cymru, HTV Cymru/Wales and BBC Wales

History of the BBC News Division

Discuss the look of BBC TV News across the years

History of satellite TV: Sky,BSB+Astra

Memories of the channels and presentation of the channels on the Astra satellite family

History of Grampian Television

From the very far north, here's where you can remember Grampian

ABC Weekend TV North+Midland

Your weekend TV in the north and midlands 1956-1968: come remember the masters of ITV

Transdiffusion All Talk : Broadcasting History

A place to talk about everything TV and radio related

History Of Channel Television

The baby of the class: talk about Channel Television here

History of breakfast TV In the UK

Breakfast Time, TV-am, GMTV, RI:SE... all of breakfast television is discussed in this group

History Of HTV West, Harlech TV General Service, TWW Channel 10 & ITV West

Love HTV West? Remember the HTV General Service? Did you watch TWW on Channel 10? Have we got a group for you!

History of Channel 4 & S4C since 1982

The much-anticipated Fourth UHF Channel(s) are discussed here

Craolacháin in Éirinn – TV in Ireland

RTE, TV3, TnaG, UTV, there's so much to talk about in this group devoted to television in Ireland

History of Independent Television News

Talking about the on-screen look and personalities of Independent Television News

History of Sport on British TV

The Big Match, World of Sport, Scotsport, Sportsnight, Grandstand... the presentation of sport on TV is discussed here

History of ITV Regional & National resources

About Anglia, Northern Life, ATV Today, Three after Six, Thames Today, Westward Diary... the place to remember your regional news programme

History:Worldwide TV+Radio Resources

RTF, ARD, NOS, TVE, RAI... the group for discussion of all things international

History of A-R and Rediffusion London

Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion, London: the capital's weekday choice from 1955 to 1968

History of BBC radio

From 2LO to DAB, from the National Programme to Radio 1Xtra... come talk about BBC radio

History of Anglia Television from 1959

The knight and the flag: discuss Anglia Television here

History of Independent Local Radio(UK)

The group for fans of Independent Local Radio from 1973 until today

Spotify playlist

Listen here to a selection of the best broadcasting tunes

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This is My 1950s

The social history of the 1950s – what we bought, what we watched, who we loved

Our main website, packed to the gills with over 3,000 articles about every aspect of broadcasting history

Zenith: 1964 – the year everything changed

Our guide to 1964: the year everything in British culture changed

This is My 1960s

We grew up in the 1960s... and loved every minute of it!

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